Davante Adams 'almost died' with Derek Carr while the two were teammates at Fresno State

Davante Adams ‘almost died’ with Derek Carr while the two were teammates at Fresno State

Davante Adams expects to win a Super Bowl now that he’s reunited with college quarterback Derek Carr on the Las Vegas Raiders.

The two are already battle-tested on the court, playing at Fresno State and breaking five school records between them. But they got a scare that eclipsed anything they’ve experienced on the grill.

“We almost died together,” the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver said in an ESPN cover story published Tuesday.

Adams is referring to when, in college, he white-water rafted with his quarterback on the Upper Kings River in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. They were joined by Carr’s girlfriend, Heather Neel (who is now his wife), and a guide, Ryan Soares.

For Adams, who comes from a community that was once known as the murder capital of the country, the experience was something entirely new.

“We don’t do white water rafting in East Palo Alto,” he said.

The trip started well enough before the crew arrived at the famous Banzai hole, which can reach class IV, known as a challenging whitewater rafting course on a scale up to class VI. There is also a 75 foot rock face.

Instead of obeying the number one rule of whitewater rafting – keep paddling – Adams and Carr froze and left all the bad work to Soares and Neel. One by one they all fell off the raft and found themselves screaming for air, but all swam to safety.

“After emptying the boat, we had a conversation on shore, once again, about the importance of never stopping paddling,” Soares said. “From that point on, they were the best paddlers I’ve ever had.

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Davante Adams and Derek Carr chat during training camp on Sunday.

All of the ties they went through together prompted Carr to say Adams would join him after eight seasons with the Green Bay Packers. When Adams and the Packers lost to the San Francisco 49ers in a Divisional Round playoff game last year, the quarterback was ready to act.

“I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I texted him the next day. Couldn’t help it.”

The Raiders, under new head coach Josh McDaniels, begin their march to the Super Bowl on Sunday when they open the regular season against the Los Angeles Chargers.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Davante Adams recalls scary whitewater rafting trip with Derek Carr

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