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Top Fantasy Football Storylines: Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley, Najee Harris (Week 2)

Justin Jefferson is on pace for an NFL record 3,128 receiving yards in 2022.

I have done a lot of football-related jobs in my life. Most of them were in dynasty leagues, others in reshuffling. The most successful transaction of 2022 so far has been spending six hours on Saturday in the hot California sun doing months of sloppy yard work so I can park my keister on the couch for 11 hours on Sunday. I’m sure I did. I was evening. I missed a lot of college football action, but being able to touch dirt and sweat was therapeutic. The refreshing swim and beer in the shower was then euphoric.

The house was mine on Sunday. My wife had gambling bonuses to spend at the casino and my daughter had plans with her Nana and Pop-Pop. The Sunday kick-off was exactly as I had always dreamed of. No distractions, responsibilities or burdens. I braised a beef chuck roast for the deluxe nacho platter that I didn’t need to share (except with my dogs). I encouraged my guys and I still insulted them. By the time the Buccaneers scored a resounding victory over my hapless Cowboys, I was numb from the elation of it all (and the beers). It was a good day.

The storylines that have resulted from this Zen all day have me wanting to pursue this nirvana once again in Week 2. We already have a WR on pace for over 3,000 receiving yards. An RB star puts forth a supporting vintage performance. Head coaches are already lying to us about injuries. Speaking of which, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses across the NFL; a good number of fantasy-related gamers have been duped or found other ways to attach question marks to their future fantasy prospects. Here are the top NFL storylines for Week 2, as far as fantasy football goes.

Justin Jefferson (WR – MIN) could break all records

The Minnesota WR had a hell of a day…and it could have been even better. A first-half third touchdown was barely missed when Jefferson’s second foot tapped the other, instead of entering the turf. Otherwise, he might have shattered the slate beyond repair. We can live with 9/184/2 lines. My preseason prediction of a 2,000-yard triple crown for Jefferson is off with a thunderous launch. He is very early, but his 17-game pace currently sits at 3,128 receiving yards (a record). The former LSU star ran all day, even against a normally stellar Packers secondary. I hope he puts over 200 yards and scores in every practice this week in Philadelphia on Monday night.

Saquon Barkley (RB–NYG) is tomorrow What back

Saquon told us he was going to “go crazy” this year. With a passion and determination in his tone that gave me goosebumps, he delivered on his promise of the absolute leap. The Giants’ offense was still atrocious except for the presence of a superhuman at RB who packed them onto the field like Luisa from the movie “Encanto.” 2022 Saquon Barkley, it’s like 2018 Saquon Barkley has learned to harness his superpowers and now fully understands them. His journey to this peak form was arduous and fraught with obstacles and setbacks, but they forged Barkley into an even stronger version than we could ever imagine. I saw it coming when I predicted he would be one of the top 5 RBs in fantasy points per game this season. Now that my suspicions are fully confirmed, I look forward to cheering the man on for the rest of his career. That’s saying a lot for a longtime Cowboys fan.

Everyone should be worried about Najee Harris’ foot (RB – PIT)

Nobody likes being lied to, but fantasy managers especially hate it when head coaches stand in front of the media and spit BS right into our living rooms. The Steelers remained silent about a Lisfranc injury to their RB bell cow Najee Harris throughout the preseason until he was spotted hobbling in the final game of the preseason. that he probably shouldn’t even have been on the pitch in the first place. Harris then left the game against the Bengals in Week 1, with initial reports of a badly sprained ankle. As fantasy players scrambled to blast their FAAB on his replacement Jaylen Warren, the Steelers and Harris himself released a statement that “tests on his foot were normal” and that the RB star was going to be “ready to go” for New England in Week 2.

I’m no medical expert, but if my RB is unable to join his team in a wild overtime thriller against their hated rivals and is spotted wearing a walking boot after the game, he’s almost never.” ready to go” anywhere seven days later, except to get a new ice pack. I don’t think the injury is serious enough to jeopardize Najee’s long-term availability, but I’m worried about both his effectiveness behind a dreadful offensive line. and the likelihood of him aggravating the injury and missing a lot of time as a result. Warren could already be the season’s waiver addition.

Dallas Cowboys should consider tanking

After a completely embarrassing offseason for ‘America’s Team’, they were the only NFL team not to score a touchdown in Week 1. Dak Prescott looked terrible in his 2022 debut before injuring his hand in the fourth quarter. The fantasy community as a whole is in the doldrums, especially if they field CeeDee Lamb. Jerry Jones is not placing Prescott on the IR, hoping he can join the team in “about four weeks”. Most say it’s a six to eight week injury, which is normal when it comes to the mercurial and belligerent Jones. This team isn’t going anywhere in 2022, especially after it airs on Sunday prime time.

The team could (and could) be looking to acquire a QB in the trade to fill the gap. It would signal optimism that the Cowboys have playoff aspirations that Cooper Rush would derail as an interim starter. My opinion is that none of the available QBs are good enough to make this team a winner. Injuries along the offensive line made an already thin roster transparently. All the cliche chants of “this is our year” should have been muted with Tyron Smith’s pre-season injury. The Cowboys are already terribly trained and organized, which knocks another year off the calendar of hopes that the championship drought is coming to an end. It is better to rebuild by entering a very strong 2023 draft class than to pretend that a mediocre-at-best team is only a good QB away from lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

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