Anderson adjusting to college basketball

Anderson adjusting to college basketball

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When Dylan Anderson committed to Arizona, he knew the work was just getting started. Anderson committed to the Wildcats quickly after Tommy Lloyd was hired and the Arizona head coach was honest with him throughout the process.

“It’s been great,” Anderson said. “I’m living the dream. No complaints. From the jump, Coach Lloyd has always told me it was going to be very hard and it’s been pretty hard.”

One of the biggest adjustments Anderson has had to make is that he has needed to get in better shape to consistently play at this level.

“My first week here, f you ask any of the coaching staff, it was pretty rough,” Anderson said. “I was consistently heavily breathing and it was pretty funny, but I am getting better now. They knew I needed to get better cardio. I have been riding the bike and going as hard as I can in practice.”

There’s also been a realization that Anderson needs to become more physical at this level.

“I have been working on being more physical and working on my second jump and my defense so I can be able to guard guards,” he said. “Also, my timing on blocking shots. I’ve become more physical and become more of a dog as people say. I am playing how I should have played in high school.”

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The transition on the court isn’t the only change that Anderson has had to deal with since arriving to college as the academic workload is different as well.

“It took a little getting used to,” he said. “In high school you didn’t have to do much and you could still pass, but in college you have to give more effort.”

Anderson’s role isn’t necessarily defined yet, but he knows what he needs to do in order to see the court.

“I can shoot, rebound, and I am working on my defense,” he said. “I am trying to be an all-around good player. I am going to do whatever he (Lloyd) wants me to do. My strength in the post and being able to dominate guys and my rebounding. I’ve been working on my shot, but mainly setting picks and my post offense and defense.”

The adjustment to college has been made easier by the fact that Arizona already has a talented backcourt Anderson can work with.

“It’s been great,” Anderson said. “They have taught me a lot. They have taught me how they want me to set screens, how to roll, how to catch the ball. It’s been a great experience.”

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