Rory McIlroy: "I would really like to win here"

“I would really like to win here”

Marco Simone is the day of the Pro Am and the words of the big names on the eve of the 2022 Italian Open. Francesco Molinari: “I’m not aiming to be the one in 2018, I think it’s impossible to go backwards. My goal is to qualify for the Ryder Cup in Rome”.

Rory McIlroy: “I’d like to win here. When I’m on the pitch I don’t need motivation. I know I’m strong and I always aim to be the best”. Words that, even seen from a distance, give an idea of ​​​​the depth of the two players we will see on the pitch together in the first two days of the Italian Open 2022.

The first is the most loved, the second the most awaited. Chicco Molinari has won the Italian Open twice. “Being here is always special. There will be many champions in the race and the hope is that this will be a special tournament for everyone”

Then he examines his personal situation: “In the last period – explained Molinari – the sensations have been good. Now my physical condition is certainly better. I am not aiming to be the Molinari of 2018, because I believe it is impossible to go backwards .

However, I aspire to give my all to return to playing at excellent levels ” Impossible to gloss over the trend topic of the goal of the last few months. “The Arab Super League will not harm the Ryder Cup, a special event that everyone aspires to play.

For me Ryder comes in first place but I absolutely want to play in the Paris Olympics, especially after being forced to give up the last two editions”.

Rory McIlroy, statements

And at work with Sandro Donati. “Spending time together here in Italy is helping me a lot.

He is a person I respect and have known for many years. I am happy with what we are doing together”. The number two in the world knows very well that he has the eyes on him of all the Italian gofisti. And not only. And Rory McIlroy sends a message of love.

“I am happy to be here in Rome to play the Italian Open for the first time in my career. In 2006, as an amateur, I won the European championship in Italy. I would really like to win this important tournament as well. There will be excellent players on the pitch and Marco Simone’s path is interesting”.

And from the conference room of the Italian Open, the Northern Irishman reaffirms his fierce opposition to the SuperLeague. “I have said it many times before, I don’t think anyone who plays for them deserves an event like the Ryder Cup.

It would be important for the Europe team to have Francesco Molinari, who is Italian, on the team. I saw him in form at the BMW PGA Championship. ” The closing is on the Eternal City. “Who wouldn’t want to spend time in Rome? Between history, culture, it is an incredible place. And the Ryder Cup in Rome will inspire a new generation of young golfers in Italy “.

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