Syracuse Orange Football: Predictions and Purdue Poll

Syracuse Orange Football: Predictions and Purdue Poll

The Syracuse Orange will return to Dome, Sweet Dome for the next four games, starting with tomorrow’s game at noon against the Purdue Boilermakers. What started as Purdue being a slight favorite became Orange giving points.

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A 3-0 start is at stake, and we have prepared our predictions:


Syracuse 41, Purdue 37

A lot of people have called me out for overhyping Purdue in the opponent preview series…and maybe I’m willing to agree with them. Sure, it’s still a shootout to the bitter end, but while Aidan O’Connell and Garrett Shrader can duel in the air, Purdue doesn’t have the luxury of a halfback. -back like Sean Tucker to scrape the extra yards that really matter. SU’s rushing advantage allows them to hold on to the win and earn a sad tune from that cursed drum.


Purdue 30, Syracuse 27

It just feels like we’ve seen this story before. Syracuse comes out better than expected and all of a sudden people start talking about 5-0 and having GameDay and “forget bowl eligibility, we win 9 games”. We won’t talk about what happens next because we’ve all been through it. The Oranges have looked solid so far, but they’re also +5 in turnover margin and perfect in the red zone. Aidan O’Connell is going to be a challenge, so Syracuse is going to have to play another clean game to pull off what I anticipate will be a close contest.


Syracuse 27, Purdue 24

I myself am amazed at how much more optimistic I am about this game. And while my initial prediction was a Purdue win, now I have the Orange win. The main reason is that I don’t think Syracuse’s passing offense will regress to the point where it can’t support Sean Tucker on offense. On the other hand, I don’t think Purdue can find any options other than Charlie Jones in the passing offense and running game won’t benefit from a young Syracuse defensive line. Long story short, if Garrett Shrader and the passing game continue to work the way they did to start the season, it could give Syracuse even more of a shock for an already better-than-expected season.


Syracuse 31, Purdue 30

It’s going to be a tight game, but I like the Orange for two reasons: I think most advanced metrics underestimate Syracuse’s defense late last year and what we’ve seen so far is an aggressive defense that can actually break offenses more often than any Tony White unit before. I also think Sean Tucker putting in quiet performances from 100 yards bodes well for a player who will face his toughest test yet, but with a complimenting passing attack that I think can open up the offense. in a way that the Orange haven’t had against many opponents in a while. This match will come down to coaching, and I think the Orange have finally turned a corner in that department.


Syracuse 27, Purdue 24

Per my prediction earlier this week at Hammer and Rails, I echo Christian’s sentiment above. I think Aiden O’Connell gets his own, but not as much “sound” as he’s used to and the secondary keeps the wheels on the bus. Sean Tucker is as always the X-Factor in these, especially against a less than perfect running defense (more relevant with the loss of Jalen Graham). As I mentioned above, I wouldn’t be surprised if the script flips and we lose, but I expect it to be close this weekend.

These are our choices. Now it’s your turn


Who wins the game between Purdue and Syracuse?

  • 16%

    Purdue and we’re getting this Utica race to change its name next summer

    (48 votes)

  • 83%

    Syracuse and the Orange are halfway

    (237 votes)

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