Purdue leads Syracuse, 6-3, after a few missed rounds and an extra point blocked

Purdue leads Syracuse, 6-3, after a few missed rounds and an extra point blocked

Syracuse, NY – The Syracuse Football Team takes on the Purdue Boilermakers at 12 p.m. Saturday in the JMA Wireless Dome.

The game will be televised on ESPN2.

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second quarter

Garrett Shrader is on the court at 1:46 after a scramble run. Dino Babers came out to check on his quarterback, while Carlos Del Rio-Wilson warmed up on the sidelines.

Shrader trots off the field. The coaching staff talks to him on the sidelines, but it’ll be Del Rio-Wilson for now.

first quarter

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Purdue 6, Syracuse 3

Aidan O’Connell was a surgeon, completing 13 of 14 passes for 115 yards in the first quarter.

Shrader, so far, has done most of the damage on the ground, rushing for 39 yards in the first quarter.

Syracuse practice begins at 0:39 on its own 25-yard line

Shrader crosses the midfield on a big run to close the first quarter.

SCORE UPDATE: Purdue 6, Syracuse 3 with 0:39 seconds remaining in first quarter

Purdue drive starts at 5:33 a.m. on its own 25-yard line

O’Connell has been on the money here. Just extreme precision. Purdue is in the red zone for the second time on two records.

O’Connell then hands it over to Devin Mockobee for the 15-yard touchdown. The extra point is blocked and Jason Simmons sends it back but comes back about 20 yards from the two-point play.

Earlier in training, Alijah Clark returned to the game and Marlowe Wax made another big tackle in the open field. O’Connell delivers a strike to the tight end to convert another third down.

Purdue attempts a wide receiver pass, but no target has come free, and Mikel Jones blasts it and forces an intentional ground call. It’s a down loss and the ball was spotted at Purdue’s 32-yard line.

Of course, O’Connell gets it all and more for a 14-yard completion to Mershawn Rice in midfield.

Charlie Jones is on the field after a catch at the SU 29-yard line. O’Connell negotiated early and Jones, the transfer from Iowa, is his main target. Jones is taken to the locker room for evaluation.

SCORE UPDATE: Syracuse 3, Purdue 0 with 5:33 remaining in first quarter

Syracuse practice begins at 8:55 a.m. on its own 9-yard line

Shrader uses his legs to dodge the rush and pick up a few early downs, slipping before absorbing a second high forehand.

Sean Tucker comes out near midfield thanks to a block launched by Isaiah Jones. On the next play, Shrader goes up to Jones, who takes a penalty for defensive pass interference.

Syracuse tries a clever play on a reverse pass from LeQuint Allen, but he misses Shrader badly. Allen had a clean alley to pick up a big win too with Shrader up front.

The player stalls as Jackson drops an interior tunnel screen.

André Szmyt’s 50-yard field goal attempt is good.

Purdue drive starts at 2:09 p.m. on its own 25-yard line

After a facemask on Wax, Kevon Darton recovers a TFL to push Purdue back at the 24-yard line in SU territory.

On 3rd and 16th, O’Connell has all the time in the world and finds Charlie Jones near the touchline. Purdue will go for 4th and 3rd, but Syracuse comes to a stop inches from the first marker.

Alijah Clark with a good Charlie Jones cover on point. Aidan O’Connell comes out throwing (surprise, surprise). Purdue moves the channel to 3rd and 1, but barely. Clark limps off the field.

Big shot from Marlowe Wax on O’Connell, who got him out in time but right at Jones’ fingertips. O’Connell gets 9 on the next play on a completion to the sideline to bring in another 3rd-and-1. O’Connell fakes the running back, then passes it to the tight end for an easy conversion.

Syracuse training begins at 3:00 p.m. on its own 25-yard line

Garrett Shrader looks down for Sean Tucker on the first snap but misses out of bounds. Shrader then misses high on a throw to Tucker, and the Orange make a triple.

Syracuse won the toss and wants the ball.


Hello from the JMA Wireless Dome, where Syracuse hosts Purdue, the last Big Ten hardliner to play a game at Syracuse.

A few notable faces in the crowd today: ACC commissioner Jim Phillips and former Syracuse wide receiver and return specialist Pat Woodcock are here.

The Orange and the Boilermakers both have conference games under their belts. Syracuse beat Louisville, 31-7, on Sept. 29. 3, while Purdue lost a home opener to Penn State two days earlier, 35-31.

The point spread fluctuated throughout the week. Purdue opened as a slight favorite before the game effectively became a midweek pick. At kickoff, several sportsbooks have SU listed as slight favorites.

Syracuse took the field for pre-game work. Replacement quarterback Carlos Del Rio-Wilson, as has been noted since preseason, physically looks the part. During warmups, he threw a ball with his back foot and slid it to the receiver as if throwing from a solid base.

Having already seen Pittsburgh, Florida State and Wake Forest have to dive into his quarterback depth, it can’t be overstated how valuable it is to have a second player in that position who you can trust to come out and help win. a match.

Orange Slots wide receiver and return specialist Trebor Pena won’t be dressing for today’s game.


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