NFL Week 3 Fantasy Football Recap: Immediate Takeaways From Thursday's Game |  Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Screenings

NFL Week 3 Fantasy Football Recap: Immediate Takeaways From Thursday’s Game | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Screenings

  • To add George Pickens: The Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver was the biggest highlight of the game. Unfortunately, that was his only achievement of the game, but he’s still a waiver target.
  • The Steelers backfield is closing in on a committee: Jaylen Warren keep taking pictures of Najee Harris and made more big plays.
  • Cleveland Browns star players shine: Three different Browns players have reached over 85 offensive yards and a touchdown.
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Sell ​​high on Najee Harris: The Steelers running back scored his first rushing touchdown of the season and made double-digit runs as usual; however, Jaylen Warren took advantage of his opportunities.

  • Warren has gained more than six rushing yards on three of his four carries. Harris has only accomplished this twice.
  • Warren’s lone catch for a three-yard score wasn’t impressive, but he had a 35-yard reception wiped out due to an ineligible man penalty in the field.
  • His only problem was a fumble, fortunately recovered by a teammate.
  • Harris’ snap count is already down from last season and could drop further if the Steelers like what they continue to see in Warren.

To add George Pickens: The rookie receiver was already one of the best waiver targets before that game, and his highlight-worthy grip only helped his case.

  • He continued to play consistently in three-receiver sets as he has done all season.
  • His threat rating was 8.3% through the first two games — fifth-lowest among all wide receivers with at least 50 routes.
  • His threat rating was 24.1% against the Browns.
  • Ideally, he’ll start to see better passes thrown if the Steelers switch quarterbacks at some point this season.

David Bell is clearly the third wide receiver for Cleveland: Bell was the leader for the third receiver position for the past few weeks, but became the clear winner of the position against Pittsburgh.

  • Bell starred in 42 of 81 snaps in 11 staffers in the first two weeks. Demetric Felton was his closest competition with 20, although only three of those were assists.
  • Anthony Schwartz was the third option for third place, playing 15 of 81 11 personal snaps.
  • Felton was a healthy inactive, indicating a larger role for Bell.
  • He’s played 40 of 43 three-receiver sets this week.
  • Schwartz had been the clear backup in one- and two-receiver sets. That held true Thursday night, but Cleveland ran more 11-person plays than usual.
  • This resulted in a single take on a target for six yards.
  • The third-round rookie is worth a revival in some very deep leagues.

Notes on the table

  • Snaps include plays recalled due to penalties, including offensive holding or defensive pass interference. The other three stats have those games removed.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely discrepancy would come from a clear pass thrown, where the NFL can give the target to the closest receiver, while this data won’t.
  • Scopes are only on designated games. Quarterback scrambles will not count towards the total number of runs in the game.

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