Spain's female soccer players resign en masse to oust national team coach

Spain’s female soccer players resign en masse to oust national team coach

Fifteen of Spain’s top female footballers resigned from the Spanish national team on Thursday and claimed in emails that the situation around the team had “significantly” affected their “emotional state” and “health”, the Spanish federation said. football, the RFEF, in a press release. A declaration.

Resignations come weeks after some Spanish stars would have urged head coach Jorge Vilda to step down and asked RFEF president Luis Rubiales to sack Vilda. Both men reportedly refused.

On Thursday, the RFEF said the largest group of players had sent 15 identically worded emails to the federation, in which they wrote that they would not play for the national team again until the situation was resolved. “inverted”.

The RFEF, however, said it would stand firm. He said in his statement that he “would not allow players to question the continuity” of Vilda and her staff, and would not accept “any type of pressure”.

He called the resignations a “very serious offence” which could disqualify players from national team selection for 2-5 years.

From players who would have resigned are several key members of the FC Barcelona squad who went unbeaten in Spain’s Primera División Femenina last season, and other key members of the Spanish squad who entered Euro 2022 as favourites.

A month later La Rojaas the team is known, succumbed to England in the quarter-finals of the Euros, the players reportedly met and decided, with the support of most but not all of them, to push for Vilda’s departure.

Spain lost to England in the quarter-finals of Women’s Euro 2022. (Photo by Jose Hernandez/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Vilda rose to the job in 2015 after a separate player uprising ousted former coach Ignacio Quereda – who had cultivated an abusive culture of fear and intimidation but was held back by the RFEF until let the players speak.

Early reports of the revolt against Vilda last month suggested the players’ reasoning was rooted in Vilda’s football tactics, decisions and results. In Thursday’s emails, however, the players mentioned their “emotional state”, according to the RFEF. (The players have yet to publicly explain their resignations.)

The next two matches for the national team are scheduled for October 1. 7 and 11, two home friendlies against Sweden and the United States. These are two preliminary preparations for the Women’s World Cup next summer, for which Spain have qualified.

The RFEF said in its Thursday statement that “players who have tendered their resignations will only return to the national team in the future if they accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness.”

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