Teenager arrested for firearm during soccer game

Teenager arrested for firearm during soccer game

WILLARD, Ohio (WJW) – A student was charged with bringing a deadly weapon into a school safe zone during a high school football game in Sandusky County on Sept. 1. 16.

Authorities say the teen, while attending a game at the Lakota football stadium, showed the gun to another student who then alerted officers, according to a report from the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Department. .

Deputies say they approached the teenage suspect who allegedly confessed to having a gun in his belt before arresting him without incident.

The statement said the pistol had a fully loaded magazine and held seven hollow point cartridges, but there was no chambered cartridge.

The weapon was later identified as a Kimber 45 cal. gun, according to the statement.

The district issued the following statement:

A Sandusky County Sheriff’s Deputy notified Willard Municipal School administration that a Willard student was arrested for possession of a firearm. We are deeply saddened by the actions of this student.

Willard is very proud of the student who came forward and pointed out to the member that this student was carrying a gun. Prior to the game, the student who was in possession of the gun reported that there had been social media communications with several Lakota students.

Willard City Schools has been diligently focused on working with our students and staff to “do the right thing”. Evidence of this effort is reflected in the Leader in Me initiative and the implementation of the OLWEUS anti-bullying program.

We are working closely with law enforcement and cooperating with all authorities involved in this investigation, including submitting all information we have regarding the incident.

Willard City Schools remains focused on providing a safe environment for our students and staff.

Officials are reviewing security footage from the stadium to confirm the confrontation between the students.

The deputy wore a body camera while interacting with the suspect.

There is no word of injuries or shots being fired in the game.

The suspect was arraigned Monday in Sandusky County Juvenile Court.


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