Josh McDaniels and the Raiders 'all-in' on an aggressive late playcall

Josh McDaniels and the Raiders ‘all-in’ on an aggressive late playcall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels defended his decision to go for a 2-point conversion rather than give away an extra point-tying late in the fourth quarter on Monday night, a call his players also supported.

And they did so even as the attempt fell through, with the Raiders ultimately losing to the Chiefs 30-29 to fall to 1-4 at the start of their bye week.

“I felt that in this situation, [Kansas City] had a lot of momentum offensively, obviously in the second half,” McDaniels said. “We had a game in which we felt really good. I thought we would have a look that would give us a chance.”

Josh Jacobs, who rushed for a career-high 154 yards with one touchdown on 21 carries, was stuffed just short of the goal line with 4:27 remaining on the game clock.

“That’s what we wanted,” Jacobs said. “We knew we were going to be in this situation. It’s crazy, all week we’ve been talking about third-and-1, fourth-and-1, 2-point play.

“When I got the ball and the safety shot into the hole, I knew it was going to be hairy. I really blame myself because I could have reached the ball. I know we insist not reaching the ball, but it was a situation where it wouldn’t have mattered if I had. So, I’m just going to put that on my shoulders. I could have reached the ball by- above.

After the Las Vegas defense forced a punt, the Raiders took over with 2:29 left and faced a fourth-and-one on their own 46-yard line with 41 seconds left. With no downtime, the Raiders attempted a deep throw rather than throwing the ball in the gut, and quarterback Derek Carr’s pass to Davante Adams fell incomplete as Adams and slot receiver Hunter Renfrow met in the field.

Jacobs said he had no problem with the playcall there either, since Las Vegas had no more timeouts.

Carr said he knew the Raiders would go for a 2-point conversion before starting the drive that put them down to one point at 30-29.

“I liked that, I like to be aggressive, especially on the road, I totally agree,” said Carr, who passed for 241 yards and two touchdowns without an interception while completing 19 of 30 attempts.

“When we scored I was excited, but I was already telling people: ‘Hey, 2!’ And then I looked at Josh [McDaniels]and he said it in my headset… from my point of view I thought Josh [Jacobs] was in. I thought his knee wasn’t touching the ground.

“I mean, we’re so close to having a 31-30 lead,” Carr added, placing her hands inches apart.

Adams, meanwhile, said he was “all-in” on the call to fetch 2.

“You have to buy; it’s the only way to make a play work,” he said after catching three passes for 124 yards, with two touchdowns.

“You must be for this. That’s all [the coaches’] job to make that call, so that was fine with me because I felt we had a chance to make it. »

McDaniels is just 6-21 as a head coach since starting 6-0 with the Denver Broncos in 2009.

“We had a chance,” McDaniels said. “We fought well. They played a bit better than us. We gave ourselves the opportunity to take the lead there and put a bit more extra pressure when they had the ball, nothing more nothing less, just being aggressive and trying to win the game. I know it was 4:30 [remaining in the game] or whatever the time, but our team felt good about it and felt like it was the right call at the right time.”


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