Projecting Auburn basketball's 2022-23 depth chart

Projecting Auburn basketball’s 2022-23 depth chart

#10 Chance Westry (6-6, 190, Fr.)

#22 Allen Flanigan (6-6, 220, Sr.) GOLD

#2 Jaylin Williams (6-8, 230, Sr.)

#5 Chris Moore (6-6, 230, Jr.) GOLD

#24 Lior Berman (6-4, 215, Sr.)

Flanigan is currently away from the team dealing with “family issues.” He was projected to be the starter at SF this season.

If he is not ready to go, Westry should get the nod here. I don’t see Auburn starting Jaylin Williams or Yohan Traore at the 3.

I think the biggest question about Westry is if he can fill the role that Flanigan was forced into during his sophomore season. Chance is a multi-positional player and will see time for Auburn at three different positions. Because of the makeup roster, he should find the most time here.

Jaylin Williams will likely be the next man up here if Pearl doesn’t decide to run small-ball lineups more often (Green, Jasper, KD as the 1/2/3). Williams is one of the most experienced players on the roster and should continue to be what he has been his whole career: a consistent asset off the bench. His outside shooting touch started to heat up at the end of last season, and he should continue that trend heading into this year. Williams can also work all the way down to the 5 if Auburn chooses to put him there.

A hot start in non-conference play (46.7% FG, 66.7% 3PT in non-con) flamed out for Lior Berman, who saw his minutes quickly dip at the beginning of the SEC slate (20% FG, 0% 3PT in SEC ). Whether or not Berman gets a chance to play as much as he did last year is up in the air. One would think without Flanigan, he would once again be asked to contribute in small portions.

I don’t believe Chris Moore will be taking a ton of minutes from Berman this season, as Moore saw his playing time crash when Auburn started conference play (12.4 MPG in non-con, 3.7 MPG in SEC). He’s a hard-working player who does not have an outside shot. His contributions are best served in smaller sample sizes like Berman.

The most fascinating thing about Auburn at the 3 and the 4 is the fact that they go deep… the bottom of the rotation doesn’t feature walk-ons. These are all scholarship players. Moore was a four-star prospect coming out of high school.

SF was, in my opinion, Auburn’s weakest position on roster in 2021. Even without Flanigan, I think the Tigers have to like their options only if they are willing to let Williams slide up to the 3 in certain lineups. Running four-deep with your first two options being starter-caliber is solid.

If Flan comes back (even with his struggles), this is a great spot for Auburn to be in here.


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