SWAC office investigating pregame fight between Southern and Prairie View |  From South

SWAC office investigating pregame fight between Southern and Prairie View | From South

The Southwestern Athletic Conference office said it is investigating a pregame altercation between Southern University and Prairie View football players during Saturday’s game in Prairie View, Texas.

Representatives from both schools said that while they didn’t know the full facts about how the fight started, they also didn’t feel behind the fight, which happened around 1 hour and 45 minutes to go for Southern’s 45-13 win.

The fight lasted just over a minute as the fighters were eventually separated and sent back to their respective locker rooms.

“The conference office is currently reviewing video of the altercation that took place prior to the start of the Southern at Prairie View A&M football game held last Saturday,” SWAC Associate Commissioner Andrew Roberts said. , by text message.

Southern coach Eric Dooley — who coached at Prairie View for the past four seasons — declined to comment directly on the incident during SWAC’s weekly Zoom coaching conference.

Jaguars athletic director Roman Banks said he spoke to Dooley on Sunday, and Banks admitted the full facts were not known. He said a report from Southern to the SWAC office is due Wednesday.

Banks also suggested the stadium lacked adequate security.

“From what we know, we believe our players weren’t the cause of this, but we don’t come to that,” Banks said. “(Dooley) did a good job talking to his team. …

“You don’t really know the words exchanged or what actually happened to get it started. But that’s obviously not who we are. It’s important that every institution has a gaming operations structure in place, as required by the conference office, to prevent this from happening.

The incident happened in front of the stadium pitch behind the north end zone where players from both teams enter the pitch. A large group from each team was pushing and there were a few punches thrown.

Prairie View coach Bubba McDowell said immediately after the game that he was told his players were responding to Southern players stomping on the Prairie View logo in midfield. He said he rushed from his office in the country house above when he saw the fight in progress.

“We’re still watching the video to see what happened. We know that’s a no-no,” McDowell said, referring to stomping on a midfield logo. “The testosterone starts to fly around that point. The only disappointing point for me was when I got there, I didn’t see any coaches on their side. I saw them standing there, but they weren’t trying to defuse the situation, and I know Coach Dooley isn’t about that.

“One of our kids was hit, caught off guard. I don’t know who the kid was that did it from the South, but I’m sure it’s going to be looked into.

McDowell said he spoke to Southern defensive tackle Jason Dumas by phone Sunday night. Dumas transferred to Southern after playing four years at Prairie View while McDowell was a defensive assistant.

“The kid said, ‘Coach, I don’t want to say anything or call anyone out. It’s over, over; we were going to each other. I just want to leave it there. The game is over’ , McDowell said. “I said, ‘OK, I respect that.’ At the end of the day, we’ll see what happens.”

Dooley addressed the fight immediately after the match, saying he didn’t know the details but adding “it’s not who we are” and that he was “angry” at both teams, but he didn’t. no details were given on Monday.

“We understand what happened,” he told the coaches’ Zoom conference. “You’re talking about young individuals that we turn into quality young men once they graduate. I don’t get into the negative thing; I’m a very positive guy.”


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