Ohio State Mid-Season Football Fan Survey: Who is the first half MVP?  Who will break out in the second half?

Ohio State Mid-Season Football Fan Survey: Who is the first half MVP? Who will break out in the second half?

Every day for the duration ohio state football season, we’ll ask and answer questions about the team, college football, and anything that matters to us collectively in varying degrees of importance. If you have a question you would like to ask, you can tweet us @LandGrant33 or if you need more than 280 characters, send an e-mail LORD.

Question 1: Besides CJ Stroud, who was the team’s MVP in the first half?

Come on, you didn’t think I’d make it easy for you and let you choose the eventual Heisman Trophy winner, did you? There’s no question that CJ Stroud is the Buckeyes’ MVP for the first half of the season, I mean he’s the best player in college football, so that goes without saying.

But, excluding the QB from the mix, who else would get your vote? For the first time since Chase Young donned scarlet and gray, there’s a legitimate argument to be made that the correct response should come from the defensive side of the ball; in fact, I would say the big favorite is a defensive player.

However, I think everyone on this list has a legitimate claim to the non-Stroud First Half MVP honor. Who do you have? Is there anyone you think deserves it that we missed on this list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Question 2: Other than Jaxon Smith-Njigba, who do you think will have the biggest breakout/turnover in the second half?

Like the last question, I had to eliminate the most obvious answer. Of course, there’s a chance JSN won’t play at all and we last saw him in a Buckeye uniform, but I don’t foresee that happening. I’m pretty confident that he, the coaching staff and the medical team have been very diligent in getting back to his best possible playing form through the first six weeks of the season – despite the Toledo bump.

As if OSU’s passing offense wasn’t nearly perfect already, adding the nation’s best preseason receiver into the mix can only help; the only question, of course, is how healthy he will be when he returns. If he’s anything north of 80%, I think you can go ahead and score the Buckeyes for 45 points every game the rest of the season, including against the Ferentz boys, Nits and Skunk Bears.

But, beyond that, Smith-Njigba, who do you think has a monster in the second half of the season after being only a minimal factor in the first half? I have my choice, but I will keep it until you all have had a chance to vote. Like I said before, if there’s anyone else you want to write to, feel free to leave their name in the comments.

Question 3: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being disastrous and 10 being perfect, how would you rate Ohio State’s first half of the season?

This one is pretty simple, be honest and realistic. No need to be too rosy or negative, no one will know what you answered, so just share what’s in your heart, my friends.

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