The LIV Golf circuit, new tournament in Spain

The LIV Golf circuit, new tournament in Spain

The LIV Golf circuit, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, will have a tournament in Spain next season, in a field yet to be announced, according to the Spanish player Eugenio López-Chacarra, who won in Bangkok on Sunday.

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In an interview on the YouTube channel of journalist Hugo Costa López-Chacarra, he states: “I know we are going to go to Spain for sure, but we don’t know which golf course.

I think Andalusia; it could be Valderrama, San Roque, Sotogrande… I have no idea what field it will be.” On Sunday he pocketed $4,750,000 for his victory, the largest cash prize in history obtained by a Spanish athlete “But the truth is that I am delighted to go to Spain.

There is also talk of a field in Madrid, but nothing has been closed and there is nothing official. But I know that we are going to go to Spain one hundred percent after London, so I am delighted to play in my country and I hope that many people come to support us.

It will be a very nice and very special week for me for playing my first tournament in Spain as a professional player”, added the 22-year-old from Madrid. “If we played in (the field of) La Moraleja, the field in which I have always played, it would be fantastic.

It is another of the options that are on the table. You have to finish the clubhouse on time because it is a requirement of the LIV and we will see what happens. I would be delighted if it were played at La Moraleja or at any other course in Madrid or Spain,” said López-Chacarra, who on Sunday pocketed $4,750,000 for his victory, the largest cash prize in the story obtained by a Spanish athlete.

He also revealed that the LIV Golf will score for the world ranking having “fulfilled all the requirements” demanded for them: “The LIV joined the MENA Tour (Middle East and North Africa circuit), established a cut…

In Yesterday’s dinner with Greg (Norman) told us that things were looking good for this tournament (Bangkok) to already count for the world ranking. I hope it is like that because by not defending points I would add a good amount and make a good jump” .

The man from Madrid also highlighted the congratulations that his compatriot Jon Rahm sent him as soon as he won the Spanish Open in Madrid: “I was very excited. Jon is a magnificent golfer and a benchmark in Spanish sport.

That he mentions anything to you at an award ceremony of the The Spanish Open is something unique. I wrote to him `to thank him and we chatted for a while.’ “Jon is an incredible person, apart from a great golf player, and I hope he continues to win and give us joy.

He is a benchmark for everyone. I hope to play a tournament with him, have a good time and enjoy together on the course,” said López-Chacarra, who revealed that he only met the Biscayan when he was 12 years old in a Spanish championship.

“What I want is for the golf war to be resolved, since we all want the good of golf and for the best to play with the best,” Hugo Costa Golf said on YouTube.

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