Big 12 Conference Finalizing 2023, 2024 Football Schedule Template

Big 12 Conference Finalizing 2023, 2024 Football Schedule Template

The Big 12 conference finalizes a planning model that has no divisions while protecting rivalry games, according to Ross Deller. The model is temporary, spanning the 2023 and 24 seasons. The Big 12 will soon expand to 14 teams when hosting BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF, which includes Texas and Oklahoma until the longtime foes leave together for the SEC in 26.

The Big 12 members continue to play nine conference games in a no-split pattern in the targeted format. The two-year format allows each team to play each other in the conference once while likely including traditional annual matchups such as Oklahoma vs. Texas, Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma, Kansas vs. Kansas State and TCU vs. Baylor.

With The Big 12 planning around Texas and Oklahoma being members in 23 and 24, questions asking whether the two rivals will leave early might have been answered. In August, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports and Chip Brown from Horns247 reported that there was a chance that Texas and Oklahoma would leave the conference earlier than expected following the early start of televised negotiations by the Big 12 with his heirs.

“Underlining the urgency of the proceedings, active conversations are underway as the Big 12 considers allowing Oklahoma and Texas to leave the conference early for the SEC, CBS Sports has learned,” dodd wrote. “Both schools are tied to the Big 12 via their media rights deal for three more seasons.

“If Oklahoma and Texas ultimately exit the Big 12 early, Fox would likely have to be entirely financially due to losing the two lucrative TV ratings winners before the deal ends in 2025,” dodd wrote. “Fox’s Big 12 valuation is based on which schools will stay for the next three seasons. There is also a Big 12 early exit penalty to be considered a break from the existing rights grant that would have to be negotiated. A rights grant binds a school the television rights to the conference if it were to leave before the end of a media rights agreement.”

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This offseason, the Pac-12 Conference took a step toward eliminating the importance of its divisions by eliminating its conference championship game format, instead pitting the two teams with the best game-winning percentage against each other. league at the end of the season in the conference championship game. . Additionally, the conference said it would revise its scheduling model for the 2023 season and beyond — currently, each team plays all five opponents in its division each season with four games rotating against teams from the opposing division.

Brad Crawford and Robbie Weinstein contributed to this report.

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