Brian Robinson Jr. stars in first NFL start while helping Commanders edge Bears on 'Thursday Night Football'

Brian Robinson Jr. stars in first NFL start while helping Commanders edge Bears on ‘Thursday Night Football’

It didn’t take long for Brian Robinson Jr. to make an impact on Washington commanders. In his first NFL start, the rookie running back scored the game-winning touchdown while helping the Commanders to a 12-7 win over the Bears on Thursday night.

Robinson, who made his regular season debut last Sunday against the Titans, started the season on the non-football injured list after suffering two gunshot wounds to his lower body as a victim of an attempted robbery on the 28th. august. 28. He led the Commanders with 60 yards on 17 carries Thursday night, including the game-winning score.

“My biggest goal was to find my way back onto the football field,” Robinson told Amazon’s Carissa Thompson after the game. “I was looking for an opportunity that came my way. … Every day I came and prepared myself to get healthy so I could [make the most] or an opportunity like this.”

A third-round pick in the April draft, Robinson had a stellar final season at Alabama. Robinson rushed for 1,343 yards and 14 touchdowns averaging 5 yards per carry. He also caught 35 passes for 296 yards and two scores while helping the Crimson Tide reach the College Football Playoff title game for the sixth time.

Commanders must have considered Robinson’s impact Thursday night when they drafted him. He had a running game at Washington that produced 128 yards on 28 carries. Robinson rounds out a strong commanders background that also includes Antonio Gibson and JD McKissic.

“With [Robinson], you got a powerful guy,” Commanders coach Ron Rivera said ahead of Thursday night’s game, via NFL Media. “You have a guy who can run between the tackles. With Antonio you have a guy who runs quite well, and that’s a load, with his size. If he goes into space with the ball, he is very good. Then you have JD, which is your third-ranking type of change of pace. You have a good back three. It’s a very positive thing, in our opinion, for what we want to do offensively.”

While the Commanders needed his performance to win Thursday’s game, it was Robinson who praised his teammates for their help and support over the past two months.

“I’m just so thankful and thankful to all the guys in this locker room,” Robinson said. “They’ve shown me nothing but love and care this whole time. I can’t do anything but thank them for helping me get back on my feet and pushing me. Every day , I entered the building, [they were] just telling me that God has a purpose for me and that I keep going. My time will come.

“I stayed true to that. I came out there prepared every day, and now look at us.”

Robinson specifically yelled at his quarterback, Carson Wentz, who assisted on Robinson’s first NFL touchdown by providing an eye-catching block.

“Carson is a tough son,” Robinson said. “It’s the second week in a row he’s thrown a big block at me from the perimeter. It just shows you how competitive Carson is.”

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