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Football Manager 2023: The 20 best free agents to sign on FM23

Free transfers in Football Manager 2023 are most valuable to teams at the bottom of the football pyramid.

The majority of players who find themselves without a club at the start of a new save will appeal to clubs with limited transfer budgets. In FM23 there are also some hidden gems that could play useful roles for bigger teams.

Whether you’re looking for the missing piece to help you in your quest for promotion, need greater squad depth for a more established squad, or want to sign a few players who you can then sell to raise some cash, We have what you need. We’ve profiled at least two players for each position to give you some variety.

In no particular order, here is Athleticism list of top 20 free transfers to connect FM23.

Santiago Arias

Position: Back right

Known more for his work than his defensive skills, Arias left Atletico Madrid in the summer after spending the last two seasons on loan.

At 30, the Colombian defender still has a few years ahead of him and offers resale value should you choose to sell him. An ideal interim option for lower-half Premier League sides, he’s also willing to join Championship sides, but only if you can afford his salary, which is often between £30,000 and £50,000 a week.

Graziano Pelle

Position: Striker

If you can overlook Pelle’s lack of speed, his stats in other departments are impressive for a 36-year-old. He left Southampton in 2016 and spent four years in China playing for Shandong, before a temporary spell at Parma last season.

At worst, he’s a late game option to come off the bench when you want to pump balls into the box. At best, he could start most games for a Ligue 1 side looking for promotion and be counted on to score a respectable number of goals.

Statistics FM23 Excavator

Fabio Martins

Position: Left winger

After a two-year stint in the United Arab Emirates, the 28-year-old Portuguese striker is in good shape to become a regular starter for most top clubs or could be a star player for a second division side.

His wage claims could be as high as £40,000 a week which may prevent some teams from moving, but if you’re only planning on using him for a season or two it could be a worthwhile investment if he helps your team get a promotion. or avoid relegation.

Football Manager 2023 Fabio Martins Stats

Jethro Willems

Position: Leaving behind

Willems once held the record for the youngest player to feature in a European Championship, playing for the Netherlands in 2012 at the age of 18 years and 71 days. A decade later, he is without a club.

He is best placed to join a Championship club as a starter or as a cover option at left-back for a side in one of Europe’s top divisions. With wage demands of £16,000 a week he won’t break the bank and offers plenty of experience.

FM23 Jethro Willems

Mateo Musacchio

Position: Central defender

Musacchio was said to be on Fulham and Watford’s radar last season, which gives you an idea of ​​the kind of role he could fill in FM23.

He could be a stopgap option for a Premier League side or a starter for a club aiming for promotion. He will turn 32 a few weeks after the start of your first season, but he has strong attributes and will probably expect to be paid around £35,000 a week in FM23.

FM23 Musacchio Statistics

Giovanni dos Santos

Position: Right winger

At 33, Dos Santos is not a likely candidate to start every game, but having played for nine different clubs in six countries, he represents an experienced super-sub option.

He’s probably best suited to a Ligue 1 side, but if you need a spark to come off the bench higher up the divisions you could certainly do a lot worse than the Mexico international with 106 caps to his name .

FM23 Dos Santos

Nemanja Radoja

Position: Central midfielder

Radoja is probably the best defensive midfielder available as a free agent in FM23.

The Serbia international is often wanted by a host of clubs across Europe at the start of most stoppages and could serve as a reliable substitute for Premier League sides or a regular starter for Championship sides.

Statistics FM23 Radoja

Javier Belman

Position: Goalkeeper

Belman is different from most players on this list in that he’s only 23 and still has room to improve.

Formerly on the books of Real Madrid, where he was the understudy of Luca Zidane, son of Zinedine, for Real Madrid’s B team, the Spanish goalkeeper can be signed by most Ligue 1 and Championship clubs.

2023 Football Coach Javier Belman


Position: Back right

With wage demands in the range of £20,000-30,000 a week, former Wolfsburg defender William is not cheap. But he is one of the best free transfers to sign in FM23, so the spending can be justified under the right circumstances.

The Brazilian defender is 27 years old so can be sold for a reasonable price if you choose to move him later.

FM23 William

Thiago Rodrigues

Position: attacking midfielder

In 2020, Rodrigues was crowned Bulgarian Midfielder of the Year after an impressive season for CSKA Sofia.

At 30, he won’t offer much resale value, but for Ligue 1 teams who need a new free-kick taker who can play as a No.10, Rodrigues fits the bill.

Statistics of FM23 Tiago Rodrigues

Danny Rose

Position: Leaving behind

There aren’t too many free agents who have ever featured in the PFA’s Team of the Year and started in a Champions League final. But even though Rose’s best days are behind him, that doesn’t mean he can’t still deliver value to different teams.

In FM23, he would ideally suit a Championship club, or if you can afford his salary, a League One side. The former Tottenham Hotspur left-back, who earned 29 England caps, represents good value as a stop-gap option for anyone in need of a new starting left-back at FM23.

FM23 Danny Rose's Statistics

Leandro Silva

Position: Central midfielder

You could point to Silva’s below-average dribbling ability or his lack of composure as reasons not to sign him. But other than that, it offers decent attributes across the board.

The 27-year-old Portuguese midfielder would be a strong starter for most League One clubs, although he wants at least £5,000 a week which limits his pool of suitors.

FM23 Leandro Silva

Jose Izquierdo

Position: Left winger

Once a £13.5m addition by Brighton, Izquierdo is now looking for his next challenge but can become a regular starter for clubs aiming for promotion to League One or a rotation player for Championship sides .

The 29-year-old has modest wage demands of around £5,000 a week but his resale value will depend on which club signs him. If you sign him with a more established club, you may get a better return if you choose to sell him.

Football Manager 2023 Jose Izquierdo

Nikola Maksimovic

Position: Central defender

Earlier in his career, Makimsovic drew comparisons to Nemanja Vidic for his sensible style of play.

Having spent most of his career in Serie A, he is only 30 years old and is ready to join some championship teams in FM23.

Statistics of FM23 Makimsovic

Fernando Llorente

Position: Striker

The 37-year-old is, at best, a temporary option for a team in need of a new striker.

You won’t get much if you choose to sell him and he probably won’t have the stamina to start every game, but the World Cup winner is accessible to Championship and Ligue 1 clubs, as long as you can meet his wage demands of around £8,000 a week.

Football manager 2023 Fernando Llorente

Moritz Leitner

Position: Central midfielder

At the start of the 2019-20 season, Leitner was in good form for Norwich City and had his eye on securing a place at Euro 2020 for Austria, for which he qualifies through his mother. The tournament was then delayed and his form began to decline. Now he finds himself without a club.

Leitner still has enough in the tank to feature week after week in League One clubs aiming for promotion, and at 29 his attributes are unlikely to wane for at least a season or two.

FM23 Leitner Statistics

Richard Strebinger

Position: Goalkeeper

Strebinger is an Austrian international with over 200 league appearances to his name. He is 29 years old and has strong stats in all areas.

He won’t offer too much resale value but could be a temporary starter for a second tier team. But it is free and will not cost too much in salary.

Statistics FM23 Strebinger

Antonio Vacca

Position: defensive midfielder

Vacca’s stats put him in the category of being another free agent who has attributes that warrant signing him up sooner rather than later.

He is affordable for many Championship clubs and can also be signed by Ligue 1 clubs fighting for promotion. As a temporary midfielder, he brings a lot of value to teams with limited budgets.

Statistics FM23 Vacca

Daniel Royer

Position: Right winger

Royer, an Austria international, was on the books of New York Red Bulls for a few seasons until 2021 but is now looking for his next move. He can be a solid addition for many Ligue 1 sides, and he’s also an excellent penalty taker.

Statistics FM23 Royer

Thomas Pledel

Position: Central attacking midfielder

Pledl can serve as a key cog for a few different teams in Ligue 1 and have the attributes to be trusted to take corners and free-kicks.

The rest of his attributes aren’t the strongest, but if you sign him to a one-year deal and appoint him as your team’s set-piece specialist, you’ll be a dead-ball threat all season.

Statistics FM23 Pledl

(Top photo: Stephen Pond via Getty Images)


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