The Holiday Gift Guide with Rodney Chamblee of PGA TOUR Superstore – GolfWRX

The Holiday Gift Guide with Rodney Chamblee of PGA TOUR Superstore – GolfWRX

PXG’s line of 0211 woods and irons were engineered for golfers who want easy to hit clubs that have the latest technology but won’t empty their wallet. With the new 0211 line introduced this year PXG has gone even farther to incorporate everything they learned and engineer the best budget line they could. I have played a good amount with PXG’s flagship 0311 woods and irons so I wasn’t going into this review expecting a whole lot from the cheaper options, but I was wrong. These might be one of the best values ​​in golf! To hear my full review, listen to the Club Junkie podcast below or on your favorite podcast platform. Just search GolfWRX Radio.

The new PXG 0211 driver has a price that is utterly shocking, $219 as of writing this review. I took the driver and 7-wood out to the range to compare to my 0311 XF Gen5 flagship woods and wasn’t expecting much of a comparison. I think the looks on the 0211 are pretty clean and simple with the satin black paint, silver line around the perimeter, and silver X alignment aid. The shape has the full PXG DNA with the rounded back but it does have a little deeper face than the 0311 XF.

For a 12-degree head, yes I need a little loft, you don’t see as much of the face as you think you would. I think the dark crown blends very well with the black face and you don’t feel like you are hitting a driver with such high loft. The sound is great and I actually prefer it over the 0311 XF. A more muted and lower pitched sound comes at impact, less of the ting you get from the 0311 XF. Now the face is responsive and you can tell when you miss the center of the face, but the 0311 XF does let you feel the ball compress a little more as it contacts the face.

The launch of the 0211 is higher than the 0311 XF and you notice it right away when you watch the flight. My launch monitor showed an increase of 1.3 degrees compared to the same lofted and shafted 0311 XF driver and I think that is a conservative number. The first two shots with the 0311 XF were high and right, but hit well so I didn’t delete them as outliers. If those two shots removed were I think I would have seen closer to 2 degrees of launch difference. Dispersion is very tight and the 0211 was very forgiving on mishits. The 0211 hits a very straight ball but I can see a little more left bias in it compared to the 0311 XF.

Now to be fair my 0311 XF has movable weights that are set out in the toe for maximum fade but both drivers are set to the -1 degrees of loft and flat setting on the hosel. The 0211 didn’t hit big draws but the starting line of the shots were a little more left. The 0211 was pretty low spin as well and only a few hundred RPM more than the 0311 XF while the ball speed difference was only about .5mph difference in favor of the 0211.

The 7 wood was a lot of the same that I saw in the driver. Launch was effortless and higher than the 0311 XF, but to be fair my 0311 XF 7 wood does have a heavier and stiffer shaft in it. Now the interesting thing is the loft on the 0211 7 wood is 21 degrees and my 0311 XF gamer is a 22-degree head that I have turned down 1* and set flat. There is no adjustable hosel in the 0211 but even without lowering the loft the head looks to set square when you put it down on the turf. Just like the driver, the 0211 ball flight had a little more left in it and shots started off more left with a little draw to them.

The launch was about 1.5 degrees more with the 0211 and again very noticeable when watching the ball sail down the range. Ball speed was actually a little faster with the 0211, by about 1.5mph and spin about 250RPM more compared to the 0311 XF. Now I still hit the gamer 0311 XF a little farther but I think a lot of that comes down to hitting it a little lower and flatter. If you are thinking about trying a 7-wood the $169 price makes it a much easier decision without having to search for a much older model.

Overall the performance of the PXG 0211 woods is really darn good, even if you don’t consider the price. I think this line of woods will compete with many of the larger or more flagship models from any brand. You can add a driver, fairway, and hybrid to your bag and still be under the price of the big drivers on the market. PXG definitely didn’t skimp on the performance when they designed these woods and golfers are only going to benefit from the value.

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